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The Romantic Englishwoman
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The Romantic Englishwoman

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

The cinematography at the end saved this movie. The juxtaposition and symbolism, subtle yet strong, but not worth the 2hr buildup

Anonymous picture

I liked it.It was very odd,not predictable, which can be a good thing.

Anonymous picture

I only okay

Anonymous picture

Sorry, I've seen too many of the rich, bored women films. I never understand them having had to work my whole life. Doesn't work, stays at home but still needs a live-in babysitter. Are we supposed to relate to her to her or be sympathetic to her plight? The nice guy husband is a successful ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Relationship dynamics + some low-key glamour. I was pretty into it.

Anonymous picture

I had to turn it off after a while; the not-very-nice mind-games left me cold.
That's what they call witty?

Anonymous picture

A dull take on what could have been a more interesting story.

Anonymous picture

Enjoyable, mainly as a 1970s drama. Not the most riveting storyline. Sort of sparse. Glenda Jackson is very good.