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The New York Times Obituary Writers

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Comments (17)

Anonymous picture

Great idea! Writing the advance obits must feel weird, though.

Anonymous picture

I would stand in line to talk to them at parties. What a fascinating perspective on the arc of history, via individual points on the arc.

Anonymous picture

Very involving and often amusing. I was shocked that their morgue has ONE staffer!

Opal avatar

Truly fascinating, humans are amazing. The film clips here are total gems.

Anonymous picture

I agree. I was wondering about their clip research budget.

Anonymous picture

Such an interesting documentary! Deadline gets a whole new meaning here. Very informative and enjoyable.

Anonymous picture

As a genealogist, I found this veryi nteresting and full of information.

Anonymous picture

Don't pass this one by! Obit writing is an art form, and this documentary really captures that well. i was impressed.

Anonymous picture

Fascinating. Nothing validates a life of significance like a Times obit.

Anonymous picture

Enriching, humorous, insightful, quirky. Appreciated the deep commitment to their subjects and devotion to language expressed by all the obit writers featured in this engrossing documentary , and most particularly Margalit Fox. Highly recommend! Viva la vida.

Anonymous picture

Fascinating insight into what appears to be the quiet side of the newspaper business. Here you will learn plenty about those who write obits and the ins and outs of the people on the other side. Great documentary.

Wendy avatar

I had no idea writing obituaries could be so fascinating. Obit. takes what should have been a dry and solemn subject and profession, and breathes cinematic life into it. Also, shout out to Jeff from the "morgue"—he should have his own documentary.

Melissa Adylia avatar
Melissa Adylia

Every word and every image was so beautifully woven together. I want to know more about everyone in this; the writers as well as the obit subjects.

Anonymous picture

Really took me back to the good ol days, love those archives! Cannot recommend enough. I hope the kids can learn from this important, seminal film.

Laurie avatar

I want to read everything by Margalit Fox who retired from obits in 2018.

Aric avatar

Wonderful documentary covering the team of obit writers at the NY Times. An interesting perspective that we are normally not privileged to see. Fascinating and beautifully constructed. Definitely recommend.

Anonymous picture

Beautifully realized. So much material covered and in such a thoughtful way. Loved the team of obituary writers and how they viewed their work and the wonderful stories of the folks they eulogized.