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Billy Wilder Speaks
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Billy Wilder Speaks

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Anonymous picture

If you are a lover of films. WATCH THIS.
If you are a film student, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY WATCH THIS.
If you are a filmmaker you should have already WATCHED THIS and watch it again and again.
If you are a screenwriter & director you should pay attention and take ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Hilarious man - and a what a success story for immigrants in America

Anonymous picture

Funny, they never mentioned, "It's a Wonderful Life," perhaps his most memorable picture.

Anonymous picture

Wilder had nothing to do with "It's A Wonderful Life." That kind of schlocky sentiment was anathema to him.

e avatar

Absolutely fantastic. Watched it twice. My only small quibble is that the photo they show of Hitchcock - he's not standing (as they imply) with his wife Alma but rather with his daughter, Patricia.