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Alfred Hitchcock: More Than Just a Profile
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Alfred Hitchcock: More Than Just a Profile

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Anonymous picture

Voice over: "As recognizable as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco" while the image shown in the film is the Bay Bridge that is distinctly different in design, color, and the two land masses it connects. What and enormous mistake with which to begin the documentary. I want my money ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This taught me a lot about Hitchcock as a person rather than a celebrated director. So much of his work seems to stem from his childhood/personal life, it'll be interesting to know that during any future viewings of his work. I'm really glad I watched this as I do think knowing the history of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It's very interesting to learn more about the lives of creators. While the value of works like films or books is primarily based on the interpretations and experiences of the audience (death of the author), considering the context in which a piece of art is made can provide a new perspective ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I thought that this documentary did an excellent job of focusing largely on why Hitchcock directed projects the way that he did. I like that they call it more than just a profile because it goes further into the factors that drove Hitchcock to become the man he was rather than focusing on ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I think this was a very good documentary that gave good explanations as to why Alfred Hitchcock's movies were the way that they were. I didn't realize he based many of his characters off of people in his life, in particular, his parents, so that adds even more meaning to the movies he has ...Read more

Anonymous picture

interesting on AH's early life, but nothing new offered on the films. Shallow