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Jeff Bridges

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Living in the Future's Past - What Kind of Future Would You Like to See?
Academy Award-Winner Jeff Bridges shares the screen with scientists and profound thinkers going beyond politics and borders to look under the hood of humanity, revealing eye-opening concepts about ourselves and our past, providing the keys to a better future. The…
Hal - The Life and Work of Filmmaker Hal Ashby
Hal Ashby directed a remarkable string of acclaimed, widely admired classics throughout the 1970s (such as Harold and Maude and Being There ), but is often overlooked amid the crowd of luminaries from his generation. Amy Scott's exuberant portrait explores…
The Iceman Cometh
One of the few still undiscovered treasures of American 70s cinema, John Frankenheimer's masterful interpretation of Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh stands not only as the greatest achievement of the distinguished American Film Theatre project, but also as one of…
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The Cool School - The Story of the Ferus Art Gallery
An abject lesson in how to build an art scene from scratch and what to avoid in the process. The film focuses on the seminal Ferus Gallery, which groomed the LA art scene from a loose band of idealistic beatniks…